Technicom Nord-Ouest is an experienced and dynamic team who, since 30 years , continues to grow in the field of telecommunications. The company is established in St-Mathieu d'Harricana and begins its activities mainly in the territory of Abitibi-Témiscamingue . We have participated in the implementation of various wireless networks, who today is still evolving.




Technicom Nord-Ouest inc. , Legally constituted corporation under Part 1A of the Act on Quebec companies, headquartered in St-Mathieu d'Harricana , Qc.
Technicom Nord-Ouest wants and continues to participate in the advancement of telecommunications across Canada. We are constantly improving to provide a high quality and personalized service for each of our mandates. Satisfying our customers is our priority to maintain excellent business relationships.


In Technicom Nord-Ouest Inc, safety is a core value for us. All our fitters have been properly trained to deliver safe and quality work. They are constantly informed of the progress of technology , to ensure a good performance at all times. So our customers can rely on a competent and versatile team to accomplish new challenges.





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